By preparing the Shared Runs, I see many possible elements and mostly much happiness.

The Shared Runs started in Sherbrooke in 2016. During its launch that took place during the Quebec week for handicapped people, I invited those wanting to be co-runners by taking place in the KartUS for at least one lap of the “Lac des Nations” to join us. All runners wanting to have someone else benefit from their legs and their ability to create a gentle breeze to their face are welcome to team up with our co-runners. Now 5 KartUS are available and the goal is to reach 10 KartUS for Sherbrooke Shared Runs with the help of accumulated donations.

Sherbrooke Shared Runs take place every Wednesday mornings between 9:30 and 11:30, between May 15th and October 15th, except for Wednesdays where a part of the pathway is closed for some big events or if Meteo Media announces 40% or more of risk of showers at 10am or 11am.

This choice to have the Shared Runs during mid-morning, during the week and regularly every week is well thought of. The goal of this schedule is to allow the participants and volunteers to benefit and have others benefit from the most powerful moment of the day to create happiness.

The organization of these runs on a weekly basis is wanted to be as simple as possible to allow building teams of co-runners and runners. At around 9am on Wednesday mornings, someone is responsible for getting the trailer with the KartUS and brings it to the Jacques Cartier park. The KartUS are brought out to be ready at 9:30am. The number of KartUS for Sherbrooke Shared Runs is limited to 10 to allow a fluid circulation around the Lac des Nations and preserve a peaceful atmosphere to all that benefit from this path.

Starting at 9 :30am, all co-runners and runners desiring to build a team can present themselves at the starting point on the path of Jacques Cartier’s park. The person in charge of the event helps to build teams, to transfer co-runners in the KartUS and gives a few recommendations to respect. For example, the stops must be limited to a few minutes and no exit from the course are permitted. Teams can do the number of laps around the Lac des Nations that they want. Each lap is 3.4km. The course is practically flat. The last starts are at 11:00am to assure being able to finish the event at 11:30am.

All people wanting to bring a someone close to them or someone they know with reduced mobility to have them benefit from these runs can do so. Also, establishments where reside numerous individuals with reduced mobility are invited to organize transportation to be able to bring those wanting to participate to the Shared Runs. Can you imagine the happiness to come and breeze through the air with a kind runner when these people have usually been caught inside and alone for a long time? Your donations and your legs can go a long way!

During the morning, all participants wanting to benefit from the beauty and peace of Jacque Cartier’s park are welcomed to do so. At 11:30, it will be possible to organize a lunch for the participants and even other activities if some opportunities are present.

The organizer then only must return the trailer with the KartUS to its designated place.

Now for the maintenance of the KartUS and their multiplication. After reaching the goal of 35 000$ to buy the additional 5 KartUS, donations will continue to be welcomed to allow their maintenance and eventual replacement. An amount of 10 000$ will be kept for this. The amounts collected that surpass this will serve to buy KartUS that will be GIVEN!

Yes, donations will allow to give a KartUS to those who would need one. My intention is to be able to give these KartUS to individuals in need and to organizations devoted to the well-being of people with reduced mobility in Sherbrooke and elsewhere.

And at the same time, the KartUS being built in Sherbrooke are ready to bring happiness to an infinite number of people around the world. The Shared Runs can multiply: The Shared Runs of Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau, Chicoutimi, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Sidney, Tokyo…!

And all runners wanting to have their own KartUS to jog with a member of its family or someone else with reduced mobility can get one.

And all events on the planet desiring to have people unable to run to be able to benefit from the pleasure of running will have a model and a Sherbrooke’s KartUS to inspire them!

And this is just the beginning of a vision. Already your vision joins mine and will transform this initial thought into happiness for thousands of people.

Thank you to all that will support the realization of this vision for the Shared Runs through their encouragements, their donations, their legs, their contacts and all their passionate gestures!

Marc Therrien

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